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Terms & Condition

Last updated 14th February 2023
The terms and conditions mentioned below apply to the website, products, and services provided by Ovwino. By accessing, using, and purchasing from this website means that you are accepting the terms and conditions (will be referred to as “Terms”) as briefed below. In case the customer does not agree to any of the following terms and conditions, they are allowed to refrain from using or purchasing from this website.
1-Account Registration

For the Account registration process in Ovwino, you will be requested to choose a password and username along with the additional information regarding your account. You are held responsible for handling confidential credentials like passwords and account information and for all the activities occurring on your account. You affirm to notify Ovwino immediately regarding any unauthorized access to your account or any other breach of security to take appropriate actions. You ensure to validate that you log out from your account at the end of each session. On the other hand, you are not authorized to operate other users’ accounts without prior consent from Ovwino. Ovwino shall not be held responsible for any kind of loss or damage arising from your failure to adhere to this agreement. When you sign up to Ovwino, you are giving your consent to use your email address and phone number to send you notifications and other messages about our services, products, and other related promotions. To unsubscribe from the services, you may choose the “unsubscribe” option in the email or mobile applications and you can also send us your withdrawal request through our contact information.

2- Terms for Termination of Account

Users can terminate their account at any time for any reason and by doing so only the user account and the details granted to Ovwino shall be deleted. Despite that, Ovwino hold the right to terminate your account at any time without any notice if it was found that you have violated the terms and conditions of our website or provided false or misleading information or interfered with the use of the service or website.

3- Accuracy of Information and Age Limit

Eligibility agreement describes legally bound terms for the use of the website. Either as a user or as a visitor, you accept and agree to be legally bound by the terms of using the website or mobile application. When submitting your information for registration you warrant that all the information provided is precise and truthful and does not violate any applicable law or regulations. From time to time we shall modify the terms and conditions and it is necessary to comply with that while using the website. Accordingly, it is significant that you should review this agreement consistently. You may utilize the website and purchase the products only in acquiescence with these terms and conditions which are applicable rules and regulations in local, national, and international laws. Minors under age 18 are prohibited from using this website. Ovwino sets a significant age verification during the registration process. It is considered as the authority of parents and legal guardians of children under 18 to determine whether the content and products of the website are relevant for their offspring. Ovwino in its sole discretion may disallow the use of a website to any user and change its eligibility criteria at any time. This provision is invalid where prohibited by law and the right to access the website is revoked in such jurisdictions.

4- Terms for Shopping on Website

For shopping on the website, you can simply buy the product/s for the price specified on the website at the time of the purchase. Please validate accurately the sizes, variants, colors, and features of the products before placing an order. After placing the order, the customer will receive an email to confirm the purchase and payment. This email confirmation is generated automatically so that the user has the information of the order along with the confirmation. The buyer will be informed through phone or email if the product is unavailable. Ovwino may in its sole discretion cancel the order and may change or discontinue the availability of products at any time. If an order is cancelled the payments will be refunded without affecting statutory rights. Each order is considered individually and treated separately.

5- Payment Gateway

Ovwino provide all the prices of the products on the website including VAT. As Ovwino headquarters is in UAE, the main currency of the website is AED (Dirham). According to the location of the buyers and the card used to process transactions, the currency is displayed on the website. Kindly be aware during the currency exchange as there might be some charges applicable. Ovwino hold the right to decide the price for the products and will make the effort to publish the latest price information on the website. We inspire you to check our website for the current pricing information and ensure the prices we updated are accurate. However, there is a possibility of errors in prices and if it is discovered the customer will be informed of such error. The user will be provided with the option to reconsider the order with the correct price. If the user is not satisfied, then the option for cancellation is also provided. Payment transactions on the website will be made through payment methods provided on the website. According to the payment terms, the customer should pay the price of the product initially to get the order donated or to be left at Ovwino HQ and to be picked up by the buyer. Once the order is placed for the product, payment will be debited from your credit/debit card immediately. Based upon the transaction we will issue an electronic receipt to the customer’s email address. We will handle the payment information of the customer with the utmost security and reserve the right to contract any payment platform available in the market which in turn treats the data for the exclusive purpose of processing the products.

6- Refund and Cancellation Policy

Ovwino products are non-refundable, final and without a cancellation policy. Kindly validate the product and offer details and prices prior to placing an order. All our products are packed to avoid any damage or defect and in case you found any item defective you can either exchange the product for a similar new item or a refund by contacting us through our customer support. In these exceptional cases, we will arrange returns or refunds including the value of the shipment as requested by the customer. Please note the request for a replacement for a damaged or defective product should contain the full name of the person who ordered the product, Order Number and Proof of damage or defect of the product (Photo/Video), no other forms are accepted. Product descriptions or other information of this website is complete, updated or error-free. Product descriptions and images may differ due to the color resolution of the user’s device screen.

7- Licensing

Ovwino gives you a unique, worldwide, and non-exclusive right to operate the softwares. By this license, Ovwino are allowed to avail and take the advantage of the services within the permitted terms. Ovwino services are not allowed to duplicate, alter, vend, or lease. You may not strive to pull out the source code of the software unless you have our written permission or law interdict the curtailment. We strictly restrict if the platform and services are used negligently for fraudulent purposes or illegal ways. The users are not entertained to conduct any action that could damage the impersonal, rights, or interests of the Ovwino website or third parties. Ovwino interdicts the spam messages incorporating abusive, defamatory, obscene, unethical, discriminative, phishing, distributing trojans, viruses, malicious software, or illegal content. Ovwino reserves the right to terminate the access with or without notice.

8- Usage of Website Features

Ovwino website has features that allow users to upload content, which may consist of messages, photos, videos, testimonials, products, posts, and others, to publish user content on the website. For publishing the content, we seek permission from the users and the user can retain any copyright of the user content. By submitting user content to the website, customers grant Ovwino a non-exclusive, right and license to host, store, transfer, publish, perform, reproduce, modify the display, and bring out on the website. Ovwino is not responsible for the safety, accuracy, or legitimacy of user content published on the website. Users are exclusively in control of their content and the repercussions of publishing their content.

9- Website and User Content

Any liability in connection with user content shall be disclaimed by Ovwino. Respective user content and its consequences fall under the sole responsibility of the user. By providing the content you shall affirm, warrant, and represent that you own your content including necessary permissions and licenses to authorize Ovwino and its users to use your products and services without infringing or violating any kind of third-party rights or any laws and regulations abiding by the country or region of usage. As a user or visitor, you agree that you hold the responsibility for the results of using the information available on the content. All the content on the website is provided for general information and Ovwino disclaim for the guarantee that the information available on the website is accurate or updated. If found that any user content violating the terms at any time, then Ovwino hold the right to take appropriate actions and the user content shall be under the disposal of Ovwino. While using the service, you acknowledge that you will be exposed to user content that might be inaccurate, offensive, indecent, or objectionable. You affirm to raise a concern if you found any of the content is against the legal rights. Necessary actions against the allegations shall be under the sole discretion of Ovwino. User agree to share their pictures if they are a winner at Ovwino Infinite Prizes.

10- Copyrights

All particulars displayed on Ovwino but not limited to logos, trademarks, products, videos, photos, software, and other intellectual properties rights are owned by copyright protection of Ovwino or other third parties who authorized Ovwino to use their content. All materials in the Ovwino are for non-commercial, personal use only and users are obliged to not use the materials/ contents for copying, republishing, reproducing, selling, or for any other purpose other than what it is intended for. If any material provided in the Ovwino website or application is found as infringing your copyrights, then kindly contact us with detailed supporting information.

11- Disclaimer for Third Party Applications

As a user, you may encounter advertisement links to third party websites, and they may charge a fee for using their content or services. Ovwino shall not be held liable for third party payments, and you must thoroughly check before proceeding with any such payments or sharing your information to third-party sites. Ovwino may have provided details of third-party sites for information purposes only and you acknowledge that Ovwino shall not hold responsible for any transaction between you and third-party sites. You acknowledge and agree to indemnify and defend Ovwino from and against any kind of claims brought by third parties for any kind of breach of this agreement or violated rights of the third party.

12- Terms for Network Failure

Ovwino shall not be held responsible for any kind of network failure while using a website or any kind of software or hardware malfunctions and any unwarranted actions.

13- No Spam Policy

Ovwino adhere to UAE cybercrime legislation and any actions tampering the credibility of Ovwino by using spam emails shall be treated legally. If found that, anyone conducting malpractice in the name of Ovwino, we shall report the same to concerned authorities and you shall be prosecuted under cyber laws of UAE.

14- General Information

Changes of the website, application and terms are under sole discretion of Ovwino. You agree to check the terms and conditions on a regular basis since the current version shall supersede all previous versions. This agreement alongside with the Privacy Policy and all other legal information published by Ovwino shall act as the agreement between you as a user or visitor and Ovwino for the use of the website and its products and services. Any dispute or claim arising regarding any of these terms breaching the same use of application or website shall be settled by binding arbitration between you and Ovwino. If not settled, then any party can bring the dispute to the Courts of Dubai International Financial Centre. All the particulars in this agreement shall be constructed in accordance with the laws of the Dubai International Financial Centre. Usage of our website in any jurisdiction that doesn’t abide by the terms of this agreement shall be considered as unauthorized. These terms do not limit our right to comply with the legal process and laws in accordance with the usage of the website. Any delay in enforcing any of the provisions mentioned hereby shall not waive our right to enforce the same in the future. Any rights not mentioned herein are reserved.

15- Terms & Conditions Apply to All the Winners

Every winner has to meet to Ovwino team on a specific given date to do a video(30sec) about their experience of winning prizes, this is mandatory for all the winners. If the winner resides inside the United Arab Emirates, the delivery & the delivery cost of the prize/s below 4KG (gross) will be facilitated by the company (Ovwino Gifts Trading) and will be delivered to the winner’s residence or preferred location (UAE) or the winner can collect their prize/s either from the company (Ovwino HQ) on a specific given date. If the prize/s are above 4KG (gross), the company (Ovwino Gifts Trading) will only facilitate the delivery process and the delivery cost & expenses should be bared by the winner completely in advance of the shipment or the winner can collect their prize/s either from the company headquarters (Ovwino HQ) or a pick-up location which the company (Ovwino Gifts Trading) specifies to the winner on a specific given date. If any of the winner’s reside outside the United Arab Emirates, we will facilitate the shipping of the item to the country of the winner’s residence. All the associated risks and costs of shipping should be bared by the winner completely in advance of the shipment. The prize will be cleared from the company (Ovwino Gifts Trading) to the winner within a period of 60 days from the date of draw.

16- Contact Information

For any concerns or queries regarding the terms or the products, kindly contact us through our contact address provided in the website/application.